Austin Linoleum Flooring Services

We bring you the best Austin Linoleum Flooring Services. Did you Know, Linoleum flooring is a natural product made from wood fiber, a natural hemp mesh back. Then, the materials are bonded with Linseed Oil. Yes that is right, No petroleum in this product. Unlike many competing product, such as vinyl. Often, We install Linoleum in medical and similar facilities. We specify this because, cleaning is easy to maintain and verify. Additionally, Linoleum is installed up walls to meet sanitary needs. Finally, we Heat welds seams to eliminate cavities for bacteria to breed.

Most importantly, eliminates the presence of phthalate plasticizer. This, is an essential ingredient to make Vinyl flexible. Austin Flooring Company cares about these details. Because, We work with products at their highest off-gassing time. For Our health and yours, we encourage the use of natural products. As well, We look forward to working with you.

We provide Quality Linoleum floor installation services at the best prices. Because, we carefully measure every project. Why, we order the proper amount of materials needed to complete your project. This means, we limit the waste that you pay for. As well, we have enough to complete on time without ordering more. Additionally, our highly skilled installers work efficiently. We maintain cleanliness and process. Here, clean working areas eliminate many problems and failures. As well, step by step process helps overall job flow. With these steps, your Linoleum floor will last many years.

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Linoleum Installation Services

We off the best Linoleum Installation Services. Because Our Experienced Installers have many years of experience. Additionally, we heat weld all of our seams. By doing this, we maintain sanitary conditions for health code. Before we start, we calculate our layout and cuts to confirm adequate materials on site. Additionally, we skim coat your floors. The adhesive dries best this way. As well, this eliminates projections through Linoleum flooring.

austin linoleum flooring
austin linoleum flooring

Austin linoleum flooring service
Austin linoleum flooring service

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Did You Know, Linoleum flooring is durable sheet flooring made of fiber and Linseed oil.
Vinyl Flooring is made of PVC primarily. Commonly PVC is Linked with VOCs and phthalate plasticizers. However Linoleum is made of natural materials.
Incredibly, Linoleum offers decades of service. its color is all the way through. So, as it wears the appearance may mot change.
Linoleum Floors are commonly used for Medical Facilities. Because, it can be sanitized regularly. As well, installed up coving on a wall.