Austin Shoe Moulding Services

We Provide the Best Austin Shoe Moulding Services. With many years of experience, we have installed thousands of feet of the base shoe. Did you know, Base shoe covers the expansion gap? As Well, it contours well to the flooring. Commonly, Base shoe comes in primed pine, oak, hickory, and maple. Other species are available, additionally.

For Starters, a shoe from Primed pine is standard. This product comes ready for paint with a white primer already applied. Additionally, we strongly suggest painting after installation. Also, this product is made of many pieces of pine finger-jointed together. We install this using miters or coving for a clean fit. After installing, we apply a bead of caulk to the miter joints, nail holes, and top edge only. Notice, Caulking bottom edge should only happen while painting. For the Best Austin Base Shoe Services contact Austin Flooring Company today.

Hardwood Shoe

Installing Hardwood Shoe is similar. However, we pre-finish before installing. By doing this, we eliminate many potential messes and clean-up. Also, this keeps many chemicals out of your home. Additionally, we stain and finish to coordinate with cabinetry or flooring. Hardwood base requires much higher skill and cost more than Primed Shoe.


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Shoe Moulding Prices

Shoe Moulding Prices vary based on species and coloring. Our prices range from low to medium depending on the selection

base shoe, flexible base shoe, color matched base shoe
Flexible Base shoe can even be installed on round walls

shoe moulding flooring services
shoe moulding flooring services

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Shoe moulding is commonly referred to 1/2"x3/4" wood trim used where the flooring meets the wall
Quarter round is commonly 3/4"x3/4" floor trim, base shoe is only 1/2" thick.
Shoe moulding is necessary to cover expansion space at edge of flooring. Base Board is another option.
Using a Mitre Saw or miter box and saw