Austin Tile Flooring Services

We Provide the Quality Austin Tile Flooring Services. With many years of experience, we have designed and installed hundreds of floors. As well as, bathroom and kitchens. Tile is a quality Clay or stone-based product. Including Ceramic, cement, and porcelain, There are many variations. We carry many tile flooring products in Austin. Additionally, we carry Quality thin-sets, grout, and other setting materials.

Did you know, tile flooring is still one of the most durable floor choices available? Because manufacturing keeps getting better and quality base materials. However, tile floors are still a great budget option. We have a wide selection of textured designs from wood to natural stone. Additionally, we offer color options to work with any look, from solid colors to printed patterns. For the Best Austin Tile Flooring Services contact Austin Flooring Company today.

Austin Tile Flooring Installation Services

The best Austin Tile Flooring Installation Starts with the best floor preparation. This is why We require flat and clean surfaces before installing Porcelain flooring in Austin. That is why we professionally flatten the subfloor to our tolerances. Generally, 3/16" in a 10-foot radius is the tolerance set forth. This is important for the clean installation of the porcelain floor or walls.

Progressing, we utilize methods of grinding slab to minimize high points. Next, we apply appropriate primer and leveling compounds until we meet tolerance. And Now, your floor is ready to be installed. Finally, we apply our Fracture guard system to protect your Porcelain flooring from future damages.

Next, we begin installing after preparation work. Also, after we install the tile we carefully double-check our work. Here, we can confirm a solid installation. Moving on, we clear grout joints of spacers and thin-set. Finally, we install the grout and clean the job site. Finally, we install any transitions or base as contracted.

Wall installation steps are similar for tile. However, applying backer boards or screeds creates the working surface.

Key Benefits of Tile Floors

Substantial key benefits of Tile are Budget and variation. With the addition of printed cement tiles, design options seem limitless. Additionally, Maintenance varies. However, you can wash down most tile with a wet mop. As well., we repair tile floors. In addition, tile lasts for many decades.

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Tile Floor prices

Tile Floor Prices vary based on quality and design. Our prices range from low to medium to High depending on the selection and pattern.

Austin Tile Flooring Services
Austin Tile Flooring Services

Austin Tile Flooring Pricing
Austin Tile Flooring Pricing

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Tile is dense clay/aggregate base. for instance, Porcelain and ceramic are Baked in a kiln and sometimes glazed with fire. However, others are cementious and set with chemical reaction
Porcelain is harder, denser, and purer. In addition Porcelain has a through body composition, as well
Ceramic tile is different colors throughout. As well, a softer compound. Additionally, Porcelain is more impervious to water penetration.
Cement Tiles are a newer product that surfaced a few years ago. Incredibly, poured forms allow many incredible shapes and designs. As well, Images are printed on the surface giving endless options to colors.