Austin Locking Flooring Services

You came to the right place for Austin Locking Flooring Services. We work with many different locking systems and are familiar with them. Importantly, Locking flooring systems have many benefits. Starting with, Glue-less installation. With this, we install your floor with no mess. We proudly offer Kahrs and Junkers Floors, as well as many others. Additionally, we normally install locking floors as floating. By using high-quality underlayment pads, we provide a sound floor.

Did you know, locking flooring is a luxury floor choice? Why we use well-established locks and premium materials. Additionally, locking floors are of great quality. We have a wide selection of textured designs from Smooth to wire-brushed available.  we offer color options to work with any look, from natural to cerused woods. For the Best Austin locking Flooring Services contact Austin Flooring Company today.

Austin Locking Flooring Installation Services

The best Austin Locking Flooring Installation Starts wit the best floor preparation. This is why We require flat and clean surfaces before installing Locking flooring in Austin. That is why we professionally flatten the subfloor to manufacturer tolerances. Generally, 3/16" in a 10-foot radius is the tolerance set forth. This is important for the longevity of the floor locking systems.

Progressing, we utilize methods of grinding slab to minimize high points. Next, we apply our moisture mitigation system to protect your Locking flooring from future damages. Finally, we apply appropriate primer and leveling compounds until we meet tolerance. And Now, your floor is ready to be installed.

And, Locking floor installation is the final step after we complete all preparation work. Next, we carefully double-check our work to confirm a smooth installation. Additionally, we stress cleanliness as the most important. That is why we vacuum and sweep as to remove any debris. After that, we begin installing our first control rows. Again Here, we set square for the entire installation. Importantly, we use this line in the entire project. Note, we use spacers to maintain proper gaps. Floated flooring requires an expansion gap. Generally, we maintain a gap equal to the thickness of the board. Finally, we install trim after locking flooring is completely installed.

Key Benefits of Locking floors

The biggest key benefits of locking floors are Budget. Locking floors are more durable than many options. Beneficially, Locking Flooring services fine homes in Austin. Locking floors benefit the key need for quick installs. Another benefit, we repair Locking floors. Interestingly, locking floors can be refinished or even reinstalled. Most Importantly, locking floors services for many years to come.

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Locking Floor prices
Locking Floor prices

Locking Floor prices

Locking Floor Prices vary based on quality and design. Our prices range from low to high depending on the selection

Locking flooring installation
Living on a locking floor, a luxury in itself

the best locking wood lfoor
Fine Hardwoods installed as locking floor

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Locking Flooring uses a mechanical lock system to connect. We provide Installation service in Austin
Drop Lock Flooring uses a system that fold in 1 direction to lock. we use Proper alignment to drop in each plank.
With Finesse, connecting the end at an angle first. Then, lift connected planks to align drop in angle of length. Sometimes a tap block is necessary to set lock.
Any debris or broken pieces will interfere in lock. Regularly, Inspect for debris and remove. Additionally, we glue joint on locks prone to breakage