Austin Vinyl Flooring Services

We proudly bring you the best Vinyl Flooring Services in Austin. There are many looks and styles available with Vinyl Flooring. For Example, wood looks with realistic embossing. And, stone looks with natural texture. Importantly, Our Services include the installation of Commercial Kitchens, Group use areas, and Medical Facilities. As well, we provide installation of glue down vinyl plank for commercial and residential floors. in addition, we install floated vinyl plank floors for residential floors. Interestingly, there are a few differences between glued down LVP Floors and Floated LVP.

Best Austin Vinyl Flooring Service Installers

We believe that we have the Best Austin Vinyl Flooring Service Installers. Promptly, we service your floor with pride. Did you know, our installers are factory trained. Some benefits, we ensure proper seam placement with welds where necessary for commercial vinyl floors. Importantly, Sanitary self coving Vinyl is the perfect choice to meet commercial kitchen code and speed the cleaning process.

Best Austin Vinyl Flooring Pricing


We are able to offer The Best Austin vinyl flooring pricing by working directly with manufacturers to supply our jobs. Confidently, we are the most affordable solution for your vinyl flooring in Austin by providing long-lasting durable goods.

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What is LVP


Luxury Vinyl Plank

What is LVP, Luxury Vinyl Plank is a premium vinyl floor covering product. That is why, Austin Floor Company carries several grade products in this category to choose from. For example, rental grade LVP is what many investors put in homes because of its durability and cheap cost. Additionally, This level of LVP is also commonly purchased in larger quantities for discounts. Additionally, Premium Residential grade LVP is what most homeowners prefer. This includes, a middle of the road cost, realistic texture Vinyl and attractive images. Importantly, Commercial LVP incorporates maximum durability with ceramic bead technology finishes and modular replacements.

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We buy direct from the manufacturer to give you the best price

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Discount Vinyl flooring in beautiful colors

What is SPC

What is SPC is a question that comes up as well when we talk about Vinyl flooring services in Austin. SPC is Stone Plastic Compound Flooring. Just like LVP Flooring , SPC Flooring comes in different quality and budget levels. generally speaking the discount or cheap SPC floors come with lower stone content making them more susceptible to heat damage. Additionally, Higher quality compounds of SPC flooring bond more stone powder into the floor making them more stable under hot conditions and wet conditions. As well, Premium Residential grade SPC Floor is what most homeowners prefer with a middle of the road cost, realistic texture Vinyl and attractive images. In addition, Commercial SPC Floor incorporates maximum durability with ceramic bead technology finishes and modular replacements.



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Laminate Flooring is compressed Fiberboard like MDF with a laminated picture of wood on the surface, vinyl is a synthetic core
Vinyl flooring is a durable scratch resistant floor that can last several years and provides looks of much more expensive flooring options
Vinyl flooring cannot be refinished. vinyl flooring Can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) vinyl flooring has low to minimal improvment value on home resale.
 is made of polyvinyl chloride commonly referred to as (PVC) with images printed under a durable finish coat